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Finding A Way: A Reading Room and Performance, 2022 - 23

We live in fraught times, facing overwhelming challenges and global crises such as climate, war, continuing pandemics and increasing social and political divisiveness. This space provides a reading room of books and a comfortable place to sit. Some books analyze our cultural moment, some seek hope or provide solace, while others suggest alternatives and promote future thinking.

Here, viewers can browse and handle books, read and relax. Viewers can contribute to an archive of recorded readings from the provided books, or from a text of their own personal choosing. This participatory project aims to create a shared resource of books, an online archive of readings and a space for reflection and shared imaginations.

Listen to the ‘Finding a Way’ Soundcloud Archive.

Here, participants read a section of a book on the project theme, up to 5 minutes duration, and text this to the “Finding A Way” cell phone number for the archive.