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Region 10 HD video, 4:32

In Region 10, performers sing a heartfelt karaoke rendition of “Life During Wartime”. The performance takes place in front of a backdrop of two massive 1950’s nuclear airplane engines, which stand in an expansive desert backdrop of grass and sage brush. The lyrics evoke a future dystopia of wartime and subterfuge.

These engines stand as monuments to an unrealized technological aspiration; the solution to humanities burgeoning energy needs. Toxic nuclear waste and potential nuclear disaster still haunt us. Singing has long been part of protest traditions, building collective strength, remembering submerged histories, and voicing alternative futures.


Camera Rulon Wood, Will Miller
Sound Recording Arlie Sommer, Dylan Wood

Annika Kalac
Zo Mendez
Hunter Simmons
Megan White
Shawn Edrington
Gio Herrera
Kamryn Boykin
Marc La Pointe
Cole Calvin

Supported By:
Idaho Commission on the Arts
Idaho Film Collection
Boise State University School of the Arts